Prime IBM Solutions

SBM Migration Solution 1.0
SBM Migration solution is a platform independent migration solution that can migrate any type of content from any non-IBM system to IBM Filenet repository. The solution maintains an exhaustive log of the migration activity with roll back facility.


Data Base Consolidation on LinuxONE 1.0
Today's IT/Business challenges increased due to Global economic situation. This pushed the decision makers in most of the companies to reduce their costs dramatically which will affect at first IT budgets CAPEX and OPEX. Our Proposed Solution is intended to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the client savings


Systems Virtualisation and Consolidation Solutions on Power8 Platform 1.0
Business demands have made complexity a common place for many IT departments. Keeping a diverse, complicated infrastructure with different servers increase cost and inefficiencies in many cases. Server virtualization and consolidation will help in reducing complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership.


Security Information and Event Management System with IBM QRadar 2.6.8
The solution is for security monitoring and network visibility with correlation rules to provide the client with live alerts and reporting for security offenses. The solution is capable to provide vulnerability scanning to discover the weaknesses in operation system and application.


Business Continuity with Strict Data Retention Solution for Legal and Regulatory Compliance
Strict data retention solution for legal evidences and official government documents. The solution is aimed to easily and safely manage PBs of sensitive and classified documents, in addition to provide high availability of the documents and maintain business continuity.


SBM Correspondence Management System 1.0
SBM Correspondence Is the only ICN bilingual Correspondence that has the ability to securely manage the lifecycle of incoming and outgoing documents/records from creation to final storage. It allows organizations to receive, automate, track and monitor the movement of all internal and external correspondences.