IBM Hardware

IBM Hardware Services provides a comprehensive set of skills and capabilities to assist customers with the full range of both OEM and IBM Hardware Product Support needs, covering virtually every aspect to facilitate customers’ business requirements and budgetary concerns.

  • Power Systems

IBM Power Systems offer an open innovation platform for organizations of all sizes. They provide solutions to transform big data and analytics, cloud and mobile into competitive advantage, in ways never before possible – with 3 flavors of operating systems “AIX” “IBM i” and “Linux”

Power is performance redefined.

Companies embracing Smarter Computing are implementing IT infrastructure based on the IBM Power Systems platform that is designed for data, tuned to the task and managed with cloud technologies. With Power Systems, businesses can outpace their competitors by delivering services faster, differentiate their offerings by delivering higher quality services, and turn operational cost into investment opportunity by delivering services with superior economics.

  • IBM z Systems

IBM z Systems provide the computing infrastructure for the new app economy — enabling organizations to transact at the scale and speed of mobile, bring right-time analytics to every transaction, and ensure the highest levels of security and trust for the most critical workloads and consolidation - all while transforming the efficiency and economics of IT.

z Systems solutions:

  • Enterprise grade Linux platform
  • Hybrid cloud
  • Business analytics
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Enterprise security
  • Fraud detection
  • Data Storage Solutions

Big data analytics, mobile and social applications are creating more data than ever imagined. Stored in the data center or the cloud, IBM solutions can efficiently deliver, manage and retain oceans of data with superior performance and economics.

IBM DS8000 Systems: the next generation IBM DS8880 storage speeds application response up to 2 times. You gain continuous access to data and applications with 24x7 availability, and provide a one of a kind of active – active data center implementation for an optimum continuity.

IBM Backup Solutions: With the new LTO Gen 7 tape solutions - designed to improve the efficiency of cloud and big data storage - and the wide range of IBM virtual tape solutions, IBM is the only company that can provide full back up solutions for all needs.


IBM Flash System: The IBM FlashSystem family of all-flash storage is engineered for flash from the ground up, delivering 100-microsecond response times and 2.2PB scaling capacity.

IBM Spectrum Storage: IBM Spectrum Storage software-defined storage enhances the speed and efficiency of your storage and migration to new workloads across applications and silos.

IBM Storwize All-Flash: The IBM Storwize family provides easy to manage, advanced storage with real-time compression for efficiency, virtualization and cloud.

  • IBM LinuxOne

IBM LinuxONE is a portfolio of hardware, software and services solutions for an enterprise grade Linux environment. It brings together the flexibility and agility of the open revolution with the industry’s most advanced, trusted and performance enterprise system.

IBM LinuxONE Emperor: delivers the ultimate flexibility, scalability, performance and trust for business critical Linux applications. With a huge capacity range you can grow with virtually limitless scale to handles the most demanding workloads.

IBM LinuxONE Rockhopper: is an entry point into the LinuxONE Systems family offering all the same great capabilities, innovation and value of LinuxONE with the flexibility of a smaller package with upg