Our Employees

At SBM our people are our greatest investment. Thus, we care to reward them not only at work, but personally as well.

As such, our packages include a rich array of compensation and benefits, which cater to the overall well being of our employees and to that of their families. At SBM, we believe in striking a healthy work-life balance, knowing that both areas of life sustain each other. In today's very unpredictable business landscape, we pride ourselves on our high employee retention rate.


We are happy that the majority of employees have been with us for a decade, some two and for many, as close to three. In the truest sense, this is what we mean when we say SBM employees are part of our family.

Much to our delight, SBM employees feel that they can indeed focus on their careers, while their family is being taken care of, which leaves them feeling like they have a greater quality of life. Even some of our employees' children have already developed an emotional connection to SBM and are preparing themselves to some day join SBM.

Ultimately, SBM employees know that we care about them and thus are happy, well-balanced employees, who in turn care about the business and its growth. SBM is known for its caliber workforce and excellent output. We know that if our customers can count on us, it is only because we know we can count on our employees.