Artificial Intelligence Solutions

SBM Diagnostic Imaging Solution 1.0
SBM Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Solution is part of SBM Healthcare Digital Transformation. Our offering contributes in the enablement of KSA 2030 vision objective to “Offer a fulfilling & healthy life”. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution is using machine learning and deep learning through the development of automated DI detection algorithms. The solution allows for quick mass screening of health disorders and minimize requirement of trained human resource and is a boon for patients and medical doctors.

SBM Speech Recognition & Analytics Solution 1.0
SBM Speech Recognition & Analytics solution is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based biometric platform for real-time identity verification through voice analytics. It uses the voice biometric in any language to identify the person and detect any hacks.

SBM Smart Parking Solution 1.0
SBM Smart parking solution is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based smart parking sensor-free solution uses cameras to gather real-time data for measuring parking occupancy and identify violations. Smart parking mobile application allows visitors to book a parking spot in advance and pay online for a specific time period.

SBM Smart Logistics Solution 1.0
SBM Smart logistics solution is an Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution that optimize logistics through high quality calculations that uses APIs to integrate with any logistics solution. Our solution will optimize route planning process and fast recalculations which allow our customers to make decisions in an acceptable time. There are a lot of different business processes in this division of problems. The solution allow allows to calculate them all reducing average time, which student/employee spends in the bus during his travel to school /work. Calculating optimal number of buses necessary. Planning in real time needs great efforts. Consolidated taxi is impossible without qualitative calculation tool. Planning the work of transport nodes and transport schedules, considering all the necessary features. Our solution allows to reduce total lateness of all vehicles in fleet to their customers, especially when there are a lot of serving point with strict time windows.