Open Communication

All successful companies work towards having an open door policy. At SBM we believe in creating a family environment, ensuring that all ideas are brought to light.

We encourage open communication through a wide variety of mediums, across the spectrum of constantly evolving initiatives. This fosters a sense of transparency between employees and management, where good relationships are maintained and all sides are heard equally.

At SBM we pay particular attention to the Employee-Manager relationship, as it is the employee’s direct link to company management. Employees are encouraged to participate in a two way dialogue through the below means:

  • Talk-In: An employee can have a frank talk with his immediate manager, so that his manager may offer constructive solutions and resolve the problem right away. Such an approach can even be taken with the Personnel Manager and or the General Manager.
  • Write-In: An employee may also use a confidential ‘Write-In’ where his anonymity is protected, known only by the Program's coordinator. He may have a reply posted to his location or discuss the matter with someone qualified.
  • Appeal Procedure: In line with our belief in fair treatment, each employee has the right to appeal a company related management action, which affects him personally, through submitting comment, questions and complaints.
  • Equal Employment Policy: SBM adopts an equal employment opportunity policy. Employees have the right to report any incident that is believed to involve illegal discrimination whether through gender, race, nationality or the like.
  • New Idea Program: The SBM New Idea Program is designed with the objective of recognizing and accepting all ideas from all employees. This encourages a fluid culture where suggestions on improvements can be given at any level in the organization. Those can be both job and non-job related.