Quality Management System

SBM is dedicated to providing customers the best IT solutions in the Kingdom bar none.

At SBM, attention to quality is exceptional which allows us to continue delivering the most challenging projects with executional excellence.

The philosophy of quality management is comprehensive and encompasses a focus on customers, process management, complete with control and improvement measures, and regular quality audits

Following a tried and tested methodology, SBM became the first company in the Kingdom to be awarded the prestigious ISO: 9001 certificates, allowing it to offer world-class solutions to notable local clientele.

Customer needs and feedback are communicated and implemented, at every level throughout the development of customized customer solutions. SBM adopts a Process Approach to its Quality Management. Individual processes are carefully monitored to ensure adherence to project criteria, not to mention that the overall interaction of different processes is carefully guarded in order to ensure seamless integration and delivery. Through stringent management controls, as well as continuous internal and external auditing, SBM guarantees the unparalleled quality of its final product to its customer.


Knowledge Network

Knowledge workers create the SBM Knowledge Network, in order to serve knowledge workers. To those wanting access to SBM’s latest research, methodology, and learnings, here is a chance to get up close to our most recent documents, researches, and videos.

SBM is the Gulf’s leading technology provider of IT solutions, empowering our customers with the technology to lead. Go on, download and discover.