At SBM our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into our core business model. At every level within the organization, we seek to adopt sustainable practices that honour the triple bottom line of our people, profit, and planet. Since SBM’s inception, we have sought to be an active partner in building the society’s infrastructure within the Kingdom. We have done this by adhering to strict functions, ensuring we are in compliance with key ethical standards and global practices.

“Remaining faithful to our responsibilities, has allowed greater return for our customers, our employees, and for the community at large” 


As part of our sustainable business practice, we provide extensive care for our employees to ensure that they are not only supported at work, but are provided with the means to achieve a satisfying work-life balance. The constantly growing family of SBM employees is placed at the heart of the company. Our SBM Club Blue provides not only our employees, but also their families with extensive social, cultural, and recreational facilities. These include but are not limited to life and medical insurance, gym and health club memberships, professional development programs, as well as social trips and getaways.

SBM employees are also afforded competitive market salaries, generous housing and school allowances, loan programs, various insurances, vacation tickets, rewards and recognitions, as well as substantial bonuses. The overall welfare and happiness of SBM employees act as the core of everything we do.



Our approach to corporate governance follows rigorous transparency and inclusion. At SBM, we adopt strict reporting practices with annual and bi annual board meetings, corporate performance reporting, and the subjection to both internal and external auditors, which ensure ethical business practices. We also encourage an open door policy and utilize several means that encourage two-way communication between employees and management.

At SBM we are also awarded large-scale contracts often with government entities, which require the most meticulous quality delivery. Throughout the years, we have managed to play a significant role in contributing to the advancement of society’s overall technological infrastructure. Our passion for our business keeps us driven to continuously challenge ourselves and consistently offer the best possible solutions that resolve issues in the ever-expanding economy. At SBM, we do not take that privilege lightly and seek to deliver our work with the utmost due diligence to benefit the community at large.


In order to look out for the wellness of our planet and reduce our environmental footprint, we adopt a ‘paperless’ communication policy. At SBM, business functions are executed through an internal intranet capable of facilitating communication online, replacing the use of paper. Moreover all emailing systems and document management systems are fully automated online, to maintain minimal printing and paper wastage.