SBM Values

Our priority is to deliver a unique and simple experience for our customers. Our approach allows them to thrive as success stories and to become market leaders in their respective industries.

We believe technology is our responsibility and we strive to provide the latest solutions to empower clients to achieve unlimited success.

The following values are our guiding principles upon which the entire company is run.

We believe in consistency of results and standards, thus we heavily invest in refining our systems and in having seamless integration in all our processes, offering a unique experience of unwavering quality. At SBM our quality standards are second to none in the technology sector.

Professionalism is a value embedded within our personality and is strongly reflected at every function in the company. At SBM we believe in the quality of the service we offer and wouldn't choose to be in any other line of work, thus we take great pride in our ability to thoroughly pay attention to detail and diligently deliver with excellence.

Pertinent to the technology field, modernity is a value which we strive to maintain. Our partnership with the latest global technology providers, indicate our commitment to this value. At SBM we seek to not only work in technology but to be right there at the forefront of it embracing a culture of innovation and unrelenting experimentation to secure our place as the technology pioneers. 

Our enthusiasm for technology and its respective functions is contagious. We encourage our clients to expect more, continuously pushing the envelope and demanding greater efficiency. Our detail- oriented culture shows a passion unrivalled by other companies.

At SBM we seek to offer the most competitive solutions. As such we take on the biggest and toughest customers, which others may carefully consider. With an expansive knowledge base and with the best minds both locally and globally, on our projects, we do not shy away from making the right recommendations, we believe will provide our customers with the competitive edge.

With more than 1100 employees across the Kingdom and with state of the art facilities, at SBM, we offer more than just technology services, but seek to afford global solutions at a local level. Our role as an innovation hub, with vast resources posits us as a company which delivers original solutions made possible only by experts. Our large scale clientele, such as leading government banks and financial institutions, are a testimony to the key role we play in the Kingdom's critical infrastructure.