Paperless Environment

At SBM we take pride in adopting sustainable business practices. One such example is our commitment to a paperless environment. In addition to reducing our environmental footprint, it also makes business sense.

SBM was the first company to allow major national Saudi banks, to operate through a completely paperless system, by switching all their day-to-day operations, from paper to an Oracle-based Internet Banking service. 

At SBM, we do this through adopting the following systems:

  • Intranet (Portal): This SAP system is an employee self-service area, where employees and management can stay updated on several completely automated functions such as: HR, Payroll, Cross-application Time Sheet, Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, Finance, Sales Administration, Fulfillment and Stock control.
  • Clean Desk Policy: This policy is also part of the Company Information & Capital Assets Office Security. SBM employees both regular and outsourced, are responsible to ensure that any SBM/IBM Confidential Information on-line or as a hard copy, including office material & company Capital Assets, are considered confidential and kept well-guarded.
  • Communications: At SBM, our communication e-mailing system encourages all correspondence to stay on-line without the use of paper. Furthermore, our document management system ensures that documents can travel and be worked on in soft copy instead of being printed.