22 January 2016

IBM Smarter Storage

To make good business decisions you need to be able to analyze available Information. But can you analyze the vast amounts and wide variety of information you have - not just structured data in databases, but e-mail, images, audio, video and more - so you can make the decisions that can keep you ahead of the market? You can't afford to just keep adding risks-

4 January 2016

SAP HANA on IBM Systems

The new SAP HANA on IBM Systems is ideally suited for IBM Power Systems and Storage users who are moving to SAP HANA as well as existing SAP HANA and SAP BI Accelerator users running on x8S, who are looking to take advantage of the latest IBM Storage technologies.

22 December 2016

SBM - KSU Documents Center Exclusive sponsorship

King Saud University honored SBM on the Exclusive Sponsorship of the Documents Center Symposium. During the event, the team presented SBM extensive experience in IT solutions and electronic archiving ... 

20 January 2016

Open Innovation with IBM Power Systems

Designed for the waitless world, IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications.