Internet of Things Solutions

SBM Central On-Board Computer Solution 1.0
SBM Central On-Board Computer Solution is an Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that combines all data from vehicle on-board equipment. Our solution is tracking anything on-wheel including Busses, Trucks / Heavy Equipment, Agriculture Assets, all equipment that are mobile. The solution will help our customers to Control drivers' behavior including the monitoring of company car usage for personal activities, controlling of delivered inventory temperature, monitoring Fuel Consumption. This will enable our customers to utilize digital transformation of their on-wheel equipment to enforce safe driving, traffic monitoring, logistics optimization, Safety and security as well as passengers counting.

SBM Industrial Safety IOT Solution 1.0
SBM industrial safety IoT solution will utilize AI in video analytics and related IoT solutions to track whether employees wear their personal protective equipment, by software-enabled monitoring of live video stream from cameras. Once the system detects a violation, like absence of goggles, it sends an alert describing the violation, its time and place. In line with the IoT paradigm, Bluetooth beacons are attached to personal protective equipment, and any signal damping indicates that a person has forgotten to take a gas mask or hard hat.