Career Development

At SBM we know we are only as good as the people we hire. Moreover, a key component of our vision is to be a magnet for brilliant minds-those who are talented, creative and who have the ambition to excel.

We are strong believers in pushing the limit and thus, continuously provide our employees with opportunities for growth. We have seen time and time again, potential turn into performance and employees with latent talent turned into inventive powerhouses. We follow a well established system to help nurture and guide this process, through aligning employee purpose with clearly set objectives, set upon joining SBM, as well as, at the beginning of each year. SBM also follows through, by evaluating employee performance at the end of the year, as per the Employee Personal Commitment (EPC) Form and preparing an Employee Career Development Plan (ECDP) as a guide. At SBM our employees know that they will develop, not because growth is an ideal we aspire to, but rather because progress, is a practice we labour through together.


Our relentless dedication to offering better quality service requires an investment of time, resources and effort in our greatest asset-our employees. The result is incremental gains in the short term and a stellar workforce in the long-run.



  • The "Employee Career Development Plan" is set including job training, online & class training, identifying potential employees for advancement and promotion to higher positions.
  • It serves to ensure that the employee is receiving the right direction and that he is advancing during his career as per agreed (ECDP).
  • The employee Manager is responsible for ensuring the employee adherence to the Development Plan. The HR will monitor the Program and ensure the implementation of the Development Plan.
  • At year end the employee Manager will prepare the summary of Development Plan with the use of the Employee Development Plan Summary Form, which is submitted to the HR Manager on or before 25th of January each year.
  • Objectives/Quota: Employees will set objectives/quota for the year, together with their managers, highlighting the 5-8 most critical ones.
  • Progress Review: Employees to meet regularly with managers to assess progress on the objectives, be that monthly, quarterly or annually. If progress is slow, managers can assign intervention to further improvements. All changes are documented for references.
  • Evaluation Sessions: In the last quarter of the year, employees will be interviewed by their managers to set objectives. Should the performance not be up to par or "unsatisfactory", employees are set specific improvement programs, to help progress developments.
  • Improvement Programs: When the employee's overall evaluation is "unsatisfactory", the employee should be put on an improvement program immediately by assigning new objectives which should be well defined; usually this period is of 1 - 3 months duration, where the employee is followed up by his manager to ensure progress.