Business Technology Solutions


SBM Business Technology Solutions (BTS) is an elite team of 400 highly qualified professionals who provide specialist solutions for our clients, harnessing powerful platforms from the leading technology providers in the world to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs.

We deliver world class solutions for blue chip companies across every sector in the Kingdom including telecoms, banking, defense and manufacturing, right through to the top levels of government.

The reason our clients choose to work with us is our proven track record in maximizing value for our clients and our reputation for driving digital excellence across Saudi Arabia. Our experienced team of experts will embed themselves in your business to help you outshine your competitors and boost your bottom line.

We deliver success. Let us help you realize the potential of your business today.

The modern business landscape is a tricky balance of human resources, procurement, manufacturing and legal regulations.

Understanding the core of your business and optimizing the processes around it is at the heart of the Business Application and integration team.

Our dedicated team integrates all of your business applications into a single coherent picture through databases, portals and applications to provide a fact-based approach for your top management to make superior data-driven decisions.

We pride ourselves on delivering a world-class customer service led by an international team of elite experts with a deep knowledge of business processes in every sector. With decades of experience in international markets, we have combined global insights with local expertise in the Saudi business landscape to create one of the most advanced tech teams in the world.

Our technology partners span Microsoft, SAGE, Liferay, Ellician, and many other leading software providers so that we can provide the right knowledge and tools to meet your specific needs.

  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Customer Resources Management
  • Content Management Portals
  • Robotics Process Automation
  • System Integration

Digital disruption has changed the way we do business. The traditional models and paradigms have been overturned by small startup companies with big ideas.

Where others may perceive threats, we see opportunity. That’s why we have a dedicated team to help our clients to digitally transform their business beyond traditional modes of thinking. Sometimes it’s not precisely about what you do, but the way that you do it, and how that helps your end customer. We help our clients reinvent and redefine their value proposition for their customers with disruptive tools to stay ahead in a shifting landscape.

Here are just some of the tools at our disposal:

Blockchain Technology

  • IOT & Smart Solutions
  • Big Data
  • BI & Analytics
  • Cognitive Analytics
  • AI and Machine Learning

Cloud Enablement & Mobility team

We know that realizing the potential of cloud technology is at the top of your agenda. We help our clients grow more agile with leading cloud services. Our skilled consultants will help you transition to a new agile way of storing your data with leading insights and technology.

We are passionate about delivering a seamless end-user experience and achieving the best results for our clients.

Some of the cloud services we offer include:

  • Mobile Applications solutions
  • Cloud offerings and services
  • Infrastructure solutions and services
  • Software licensing

Strategic Business Management

 Our Strategic Business Management team is forged from two of our strongest areas of expertise - business consultancy and providing powerful IT solutions from world-leading partners.

The strong partnerships we have with some of the leading technology companies in the world allow us to open the gateway to world-class expertise, insights and infrastructure to maximize the value of your business.

Here are some of the strategic solutions we offer our clients:

  •  Business Consulting
    • Strategic planning services (Vision, Mission and Values development)
    • Build Governance Offices (VRO, SMO, PfMO)
    • Key Performance Indicators consultations and Designing dashboards
    • Information Lifecycle Management.
  • Business Process Consulting
    • Business process engineering.
    • ITSM process engineering.
    • Business Continuity routines.
  • Compliance and Risk Management
    • Risk Management Assessments.
    • Services Roadmap development.
    • ISO Consultations and certifications.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Managing the full test life cycle (Functional/None Functional) Testing.
    • Assessing Customer Experience for IT Services.
    • Building RoadMap for Agile ITSM/DevOps environments transformation.
    • End-to End Quality Assurance Solutions Consulting and building.
  • Strategic Outsourcing
    • IT professionals outsourcing.
    • Business professionals outsourcing.
  • Managed Services
    • IT Service Management, Plan and Deliver.
    • Business Service Management, Plan and Deliver.
  • Talent Development & Education
    • Professional Training
    • Tailored Training
    • Tailored Development Programs to achieve specific business objectives.