‘‘Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.’’

- Alan Keith of Genentech


At the heart of our business philosophy, SBM believes in providing technology, which can enable our customers to go beyond the ordinary.

With this dedicated purpose, we deliver up-to-the-minute solutions, designed to make them pioneers in their respective fields. SBM is the hub of technological innovation within the region, continuously evolving, as per changing market demands. At SBM, we foster a knowledge-based culture, where established best practices meet innovative experimentation.

With a commitment to growth, we take on the Kingdom’s most taxing projects, continuously challenging our capacities. To that end, we attract a workforce of exceptional caliber, which we continuously invest in through training and development programs. We have also perfected our systems process development, ensuring careful monitoring throughout each stage, which resulted in SBM being the first awarded the ISO 9001 certification in the Kingdom.


Ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of technology solutions, SBM is also partners with leading technology providers worldwide like IBM and CISCO, securing knowledge exchange and granting us access to the latest practices in the industry. With the Kingdom’s largest projects in our portfolio and a solid track record, SBM continues to cultivate a culture of pro-activity and self-reliance, to provide our customers with the most fitting solutions. Whatever your goal is, at SBM you can be assured that our dedication will help you go beyond the mere ordinary.