Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality Solutions

SBM Mixed Reality Solution for construction
SBM Mixed Reality Solution combines mixed reality with business information modeling technologies and accurate positioning to provide a platform for operating digital data tight on the construction site in real-time mood. This allows our customers to manage design, construction, operation, and demolition of construction facilities at all stages of their service life.

SBM Augmented & Virtual Reality Toolkit
SBM Augmented & Virtual Reality Toolkit is a community digital transformation enabler. Not only we want to put on a head mounted display (HMD) helmet to play a VR game or enjoy AR objects coming alive from ad pages on your smartphones. We want you to learn how these technologies work from the inside, how you can apply them to industry, science, culture and education. We want you to create your own AR & VR content. What stops you from plunging into these technologies? “Well, that seems rather difficult. You need to study programming for a long time” - well this is no more needed using our product.