22 January 2016

IBM Smarter Storage

Storage Infrastructure Matters because Business Outcomes Matter.

To make good business decisions you need to be able to analyze available Information. But can you analyze the vast amounts and wide variety of information you have - not just structured data in databases, but e-mail, images, audio, video and more - so you can make the decisions that can keep you ahead of the market? You can't afford to just keep adding risks-

energy and management costs are becoming prohibitive – but you can't afford not to store and take advantage of this data.


How do you strike this balance?

Join us at the event and see solutions that show how IBM Storage solutions can help you take advantage of the breakthrough economics or Smarter Computing. You'll see how IBM Storage solutions can help you:


  • Store more data with what's on the floor so you make sure to get the most out of your storage investments with revolutionary technologies like Real Time Compression
  • Protect your data without disturbing daily operations
  • Leverage your infrastructure to Innovate faster, drive business value and gain a competitive edge