A Powerful Partnership of Business Solutions

SBM is proud to be the General Marketing and Services Representative of IBM World Trade Corporation in Saudi Arabia. Our strong alliance with IBM gives us unparalleled access to powerful IBM Enterprise Systems and Software and Solutions, as well as the technical expertise to implement them.

Learn about our IBM Systems and Software Solutions Unit (S&SS) and the powerful tools at our disposal to digitally transform your business.

S&SS is comprised of the following sub-units:



Our IBM System Solutions Group provides a 360 toolkit of skills and capabilities to assist our customers with the full range of IBM Systems, Products and Solutions.

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • IBM Power Systems solutions
  • IBM Z solutions
  • IBM Storage and Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions
  • IBM System Solution Support & Services

IBM Power Systems solutions

IBM Power Solutions are designed to help your business to meet their critical needs in any scenario, so you stay operational and profitable around the clock. It gives you high availability to your systems whenever you need it and centrally managed control of your security and compliance so that you can respond quickly and decisively to any threat. All within a hybrid cloud environment built to stay ahead of the modern data demands of the business world.

Multi-cloud solutions

IBM Power Systems are purpose-built to handle the biggest influxes of data and the most demanding workloads to help keep your information secure across multiple locations.

IBM Power Systems Software

IBM Power Systems Software provides maximum availability to your data wherever you operate in the world so your business can continue to operate 365 days a year with full disaster recovery.

The IBM POWER9 processor

We combine the high-performance capabilities of the POWER9 processor with a hybrid cloud environment, so that our customers can run mission-critical workloads in both public and private cloud environments.

Boosting the power of your data

IBM Power Systems run SAP HANA, a single in-memory platform which leverages your data so that your business can respond to real-time insights, take instant action and accelerate innovation.

Making your data smarter with AI

IBM Power Systems for AI can help enterprises realize the full potential of their data with advanced analytics to facilitate data-driven decisions, access deeper insights, and develop customer trust and confidence.

IBM Power Systems for Oracle

IBM Power Systems help in attaining higher performance for Oracle workloads, backed by a hardware utilization guarantee.

Embedded Solution Agreement

The Embedded Solution Agreement is an easy and flexible business model to integrate the IBM Power Systems portfolio with your organization.

IBM Z solutions

IBM Z is driving innovation in the digital economy. It provides a trusted platform for your business to perform high-speed functions with sophisticated new capabilities to meet the demands for enhanced customer experiences, faster data processing and advanced cloud security to meet the most stringent of regulations. IBM Z delivers real-time access to your transactional and operational data, wherever it resides.

Analytics and Machine Learning

IBM Advanced Analytics is powered by IBM Machine Learning, with end-to-end capabilities such as data transformation and cleansing as well as model building and training.


IBM Blockchain Platform enables your business to hold data locally to meet regulations and corporate policies, while achieving the same advanced security, scalability, and performance they would get in the IBM Cloud.


Discover the business value of a strategic hybrid cloud environment with IBM Z, the only platform to offer complete encryption of all application and cloud service data to keep your sensitive information safe.


IBM Z provides a framework that drives continuous innovation without sacrificing day-to-day business processes.

Operate with confidence

IBM Z strikes the perfect balance between agility and security, allowing you to operate with confidence that your business can comply with the latest regulations while remaining competitive in the modern digital landscape.

Upgrade your security

Protect your data and credibility with complete end-to-end encryption, secure service container technology, and more.

Introducing a better, easier way to protect your data

The IBM Z encrypts 100% of your sensitive data to keep it protected from threats inside and outside of your organization and lower your security risk by as much as 95%.


By combining open-source software with the powerful IBM Z, the IBM LinuxONE creates a safe and reliable infrastructure for all kinds of workloads, with high levels of availability, security and scalability.

How IBM LinuxONE can help your business

Renowned for operational efficiency and rapid resilience to keep your business running in the face of any challenge, IBM LinuxONE provides an impressive Linux platform for any scale of workload, creating a safe and reliable infrastructure on one physical server.

IBM STORAGE and Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions

In a fast-paced business environment where knowledge is power, being able to quickly and efficiently harness the power of your data is the key towards gaining a strategic advantage. Turn the problem of data overload into a competitive advantage with a multicloud-enabled storage infrastructure designed to run next-generation workloads.

IBM Flash Storage:

IBM FlashSystem solutions give companies the “micro-latency” performance they need to adjust prices, optimize inventory, prevent fraud, and take decisive action at speed.

IBM Enterprise Storage

IBM Enterprise Storage provides superior performance, secure data transactions and speedy availability in one trusted package.

IBM Data Backup Solitons:

IBM tape storage solutions are a low-cost, secure method of storing your data.

IBM Software Defined Storage (SDS):

Improve the way you manage, protect, and store data with unlimited access to several IBM SDS products and IBM Cloud Object Storage.

IBM System Solution Support & Services

IBM System Solution Support

We understand that technical support is vital to our customers. SBM brings IBM support capabilities, expertise and technical tools into your business to ensure your long-term success.

IBM System Solution Services

  • IBM Platform Services (Hypervisor / OS services for IBM Power (I & P) and system Z platforms)
  • IBM Storage and Software Defined Storage (SDS) solutions
  • High Availability and Resiliency solutions
  • Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

  • Cloud, Automation and DevOps
  • Performance Tuning
  • Logical Depending Mapping and Data Center Optimization

Value Added Services

IBM Systems Solution Support & Services have a wide range of value-added services to help our customers reduce costs, effectively manage their assets and support their business needs.


IBM Software Group offers the latest industry solutions to help our customers innovate and adapt to ever changing environments while making the most of current resources and controlling costs using IBM technology.

IBM Software Group offers IBM Software solutions that includes but not limited to the following:

  • IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Solutions
  • IBM Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • IBM Watson Internet of Things (WIoT)
  • IBM Watson Customer Engagement
  • IBM Watson Talent Solutions

  • SBM Correspondence Management
  • IBM Blockchain solutions & Services
  • Cloud Services
  • E-Business and Portal Services
  • SBM Chatbot Solution

IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Solutions

IBM delivers one cloud architecture that gives clients a tailored solution for cloud success. We help align our customers’ unique workloads to the right cloud model.

With IBM Cloud clients can:

  • Fuel innovation
  • Migrate and modernize
  • Integrate and manage

IBM Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

SBM is uniquely positioned to help our clients unlock the value of their data and accelerate their journey to AI.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

The IBM Cloud Pak for Data (formerly IBM Cloud Private for Data) is the industry’s leading hybrid cloud Data & AI platform. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data you can unlock the value of your data on a unified, cloud-native platform to turn data into valuable insights.

IBM Cloud Pak for Applications

The IBM Cloud Pak for Applications provides an end-to-end, enterprise-specific experience to speed development of apps built for Kubernetes using agile DevOps processes.

IBM Cloud Pak for Automation

The IBM Cloud for Automation delivers a robust, end-to-end solution for automating our clients’ business needs from workloads to payroll.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is containerized, allowing you to connect applications, data, and services across multiple clouds and deploy across any cloud environment.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management

IBM Cloud Pak for Multi-cloud Management is a complete technology stack to address the operational, security, and governance challenges of managing VM and Kubernetes based applications across public and private clouds from a single management control plane.

IBM Watson Internet of Things (WIoT)

The Watson IoT business delivers new industry-specific cognitive computing technologies, cloud data services and developer tools to help companies unlock the value of the Industrial IoT with advanced analytics and AI.

IBM Watson IoT Platform

IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Platform is an integrated, enterprise grade IoT platform solution that enables our clients to quickly derive value from their IoT devices and transform their data into meaningful insights.

IBM Maximo– Enterprise Asset Management

The Maximo Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution from IBM provides a unified platform that delivers asset lifecycle and maintenance management across the enterprise.

IBM Tririga – Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS)

IBM TRIRIGA Solution provides a single system for end-to-end lifecycle management of facilities and real estate.

TRIRIGA Building Insights

TRIRIGA Building Insights is a machine learning platform that learns, analyzes, diagnoses and predicts anomalous behaviour in your buildings.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) offers a foundation of integrated products, practices and services.

IBM Watson Customer Engagement IBM Watson Supply Chain and Supply Chain Insights

IBM Watson Supply Chain offerings help the enterprise solve B2B Collaboration, Supply Chain Optimization and Order Management & Fulfillment problems across the enterprise. IBM Supply Chain Insights is an AI-based solution from IBM that helps supply chain professionals cut through data overload and give supply chain professionals deeper and trusted visibility into their end to end supply chain.

IBM Watson Talent Solutions

IBM Watson Talent Suite is a trusted talent management solution with leading AI-powered capabilities for talent acquisition and development. IBM talent acquisition products offer a best-in-breed applicant tracking system, leading tools for CRM, proactive sourcing, new hire onboarding, plus a variety of Watson solutions that improve the candidate experience, quality of hire, and recruiter support. IBM talent development products offer a comprehensive skills framework, an AI-powered coaching solution, and award-winning assessments.

SBM Correspondence Management

SBM Correspondence Management is the only IBM bilingual content navigator that has the ability to securely manage the lifecycle of incoming and outgoing documents from creation to final storage and disposal. It allows organizations to receive, automate, track, and monitor the movement of all internal and external correspondence in a secure, efficient, reliable, and time saving manner.

IBM Blockchain

Each day, forward-thinking companies are transforming blockchain’s promise into bottom-line business results, and they’re doing it with IBM Blockchain. However, building and deploying enterprise blockchain solutions continues to be a task larger than any one business can tackle on its own.

Cloud Services

SBM can help you with expert guidance, implementation support, and managed services to help you simplify and accelerate your journey to the cloud. We can bespoke build a complete, multi-cloud solution, that creates new value for your business.

E-Business and Portal Services

We offer a rich set of web and mobile applications for our clients.

  • We design and build application architecture for a successful deployment in your enterprise.
  • We offer ongoing performance tuning, maintenance and support.
  • We have 30+ skilled consultants with over 15 years of cross-industry experience and technology expertise covering most of the sectors-government, banking, and telecom.
  • Delivered award-winning portals for several high profile clients include Shoura Council, Saudi e-Gov., Tadawul Stock Exchange and Pension.

SBM Chatbot Solutions

Many forward-thinking companies are integrating automated AI-based solutions such as chatbots to provide a faster and more efficient customer experience while reducing their costs. SBM offers a chatbot solution (also known as a conversational bot). Our solution has been built on top of IBM’s Watson Assistant for building conversational interfaces into any application, device, or channel.