Why Run SAP HANA on IBM POWER Systems?

2018 has been a big year for IBM with the release of the POWER9 Systems, and  SBM is proud to be the sole provider of a complete product portfolio for this revolutionary piece of technology to the Saudi market.

With POWER9, companies have the chance to tackle some of today's most complex challenges in relation to computing. With performance, reliability, availability and scalability, the IBM POWER9 is designed to support data-intensive applications for some of the world's most prominent companies, particularly those operating in the tech space.

Where Did POWER Come From?

IBM didn't launch their POWER9 hardware until early 2018, almost 5 years since the release of POWER8. Prior to POWER, IBM released their AC922 AI-backed system that featured embedded GPUs for ultra-fast processing power.

IBM POWER9 provides a huge performance advantage with double the amount of threads in its core in comparison to x86 processor cores. Additionally, 16TB (POWER9 E950) to 64TB (POWER9 E980) DDR4 memory completely slashes processing time, ideal for memory intensive applications and best suited for in-memory databases.

All this together makes for a compelling case—business requirements are changing all the time and companies such as yours are tasked with responding to them quickly and efficiently. IBM POWER9 facilitates this by enabling the possibility for seamless reactions to these changing business requirements and periods of growth.

Running SAP HANA on POWER9

SAP HANA is an in-memory data and application platform that, when used properly, helps to modernize businesses by helping them act in real-time. This is something that has become more difficult with the onset of 'Big Data' and the Internet of Things (IoT.)

Today, one of the biggest challenges facing businesses is acting in real-time in response to key pieces of current data and information, and SAP HANA makes this a whole lot easier by simplifying data analytics on a single platform rather than having to manage several smaller clusters of servers.

For data processing, your system's power is key

Depending on the platform where SAP HANA is used, its performance can vary greatly. When it is run on POWER9 , SAP HANA lets you cut through reams and reams of data and process it in real-time without your system breaking a sweat.

When combined with IBM POWER9, SAP HANA's true value can be realized. This is just one of several reasons why any modern business should seriously consider making the leap from their IT hardware and architecture to IBM POWER9. Better flexibility, higher performance, increased reliability, and more resilience are a few more.

More power at a reduced cost

When compared to other hardware, SAP HANA combined with IBM POWER9 systems means the entirety of your SAP HANA workload can exist in one place.

This consolidation not only saves your money—less hardware is needed to do the same job—but it means you need less hardware which, for companies still operating their own physical data stores, means reduced maintenance, upkeep, and real estate usage. All POWER9 solutions are ready for the cloud as standard, too.

When you consolidate your SAP workload by moving it to one powerful platform, you massively reduce complexity which is great for business.

Taking Your Next Steps

SBM, a platinum partner and General Marketing and Services Representative of IBM, is the sole provider of the revolutionary POWER9 complete product portfolio to the Saudi market. Right now, the country's biggest and best businesses have a unique opportunity to get ahead of the curve by implementing POWER9 processor-based systems.

POWER9, the latest addition to IBM's family of POWER processors, brings with it blazing fast speeds with almost 1.5x the performance as its POWER8 predecessor. Built with accelerated bandwidth on OPEN standards, the POWER9 is a revolutionary piece of hardware that has the potential to completely transform the way data-heavy and resource-intensive businesses operate.

Are you ready to make your move? Contact SBM to find out more!