Why IBM Z Is a Perfect Fit for the Digital Age?

Offering unmatched security, scalability, and reliability with remarkable savings in total cost of ownership IBM Z together with an IBM solutions portfolio is the perfect offering for any company operating in the digital age that wants to remain competitive and ahead of the curve.

The newest IBM Z family member, z14, is designed to address the important issues of security and to be the infrastructure that clients operating in the digital economy can trust. IBM z14 is designed for traditional workloads and secure cloud operations, offering rapid deployment for faster time to revenue. It also features a highly secure environment that protects your company from breaches and an open software stack for a diverse choice in applications. It represents unprecedented power and can be deployed as part of a multi-cloud environment.

As an IBM platinum partner, SBM is pleased to offer IBM z14 to the Saudi market.  

IBM Z's Use is Growing

IBM's Z platform has not gotten much attention in recent years despite always being a viable and robust product, however, this is changing; IBM Z is slowly growing according to IBM 2017 Q4 revenues, and IBM Z is something that has managed to find itself fitting perfectly in the cloud ERA.

As more and more organizations begin to truly appreciate the raw power and potential benefits of using enterprise solutions such as IBM Z, particularly within a cloud-driven world vulnerable to cyberattacks and security challenges, we are expecting more growth in IBM Z.

z14: The Fastest and Most Powerful System Available Today

One thing that has perhaps driven this growth in IBM Z's use is its raw power. Compared to the z13, the z14 has demonstrated over a 30% capacity increase for workloads.

It is not solely about power, though—the z14 is inherently more secure as it uses a comprehensive encryption that blankets itself across the entire system and everything operating on it: databases, APIs, and information processing, amongst other things. This security-ready approach eliminates the need for the manual picking of elements to be encrypted and protected which, in many cases, leads to loopholes and certain data elements going unprotected. All data is kept encrypted aside from during computations when it is being processed. This blanket encryption is achieved by using IBM's ASIC on-chip hardware that was created specifically for cryptography.

It is the IBM Z's platform solutions that are best-equipped to handle the demands of modern organizations that need to securely handle transactions, transmit data, and store information. As the digital economy grows further and reaches all corners of the globe, IBM Z's relevance will only increase.

Beyond speed and security, there are other trends driving IBM Z. Support for other technologies such as APIs and microservices make it useful for newer services and applications, such as use with Amazon Web Services, thus bringing IBM Z's speed, security, and reliability to a wider range of devices through both the web and mobile applications.

Key Benefits of IBM Z

The major  benefit of the new generation of IBM Z (z14)  is its security features. In addition to this, IBM z14 delivers:

  • More productive business operations
  • Efficiencies for IT staff
  • Cost reductions for IT infrastructure
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Higher agility and business performance

There are also potential applications to both AI and blockchain.

IBM has been working to bring AI and machine learning to IBM Z; machine learning models on the mainframe can be used for the processing of big data without inherent security risks associated with off-platform processing and migration.

So far as blockchain is concerned, IBM Z has been optimized for its use with fast response times when compared to x86 systems. The fact that IBM Z is purpose-built for security with ASIC on-chip hardware makes it perfect for handling cryptographic protocols on peer nodes.

Put IBM Z to Work

Modern organizations are facing a plethora of challenges and, often, these can be overwhelming. With the right hardware in place, however, you can realize your company's true potential.

Taking advantage of the new IBM z14 and all the benefits that come with it, you can get ready for the digital journey that keeps on evolving and the need for speed, security, hardware that is purpose-built for emerging technologies grows.

If you want to realize the benefits of the new IBM z14 for your business and put it to work, get in touch with one of SBM’s experienced IT consultants today.