The Need Of An Intelligent ERP System For Digital Transformation

We cannot talk about digital transformation without talking about intelligent ERP also known as iERP. This term was dubbed by IDC to better capture the new trends of record keeping which bring to us newer and more efficient results such as automation, artificial intelligence, and contextual collaboration. Digital transformation using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems have resulted in enhanced user experiences leading to explosive growth for companies that have bought into the trend.

 Digital transformation through ERP systems is, however, experiencing a slow rate of integration than it deserves because many people are still in the dark as to its potential to help them succeed at a new level. Intelligent ERP should be much more in the market.

We have discussed below some of the reasons why intelligent ERP is imperative to digital transformation.


Why Intelligent ERP System Is Important To Digital Transformation

Intelligent ERP is now an inevitable tool for staying ahead of the competition. They come with a wide array of benefits directly affecting digital transformation and which can skyrocket your business. Some of these useful trends in iERP are discussed below.

1. Intelligent ERP Systems incorporates Machine Learning

With artificial intelligence at the forefront in iERP, the system breaths efficiency and a certain level of ease. This makes it also really reliable and clothed with enormous potential. Intelligent ERP is necessary for digital transformation because it uses Machine Learning to study, track and report all that happens in business thereby ensuring that the resources available are properly accounted for.

2. It provides an enhanced user interface

As a result of its built-in procedures, intelligent ERP allows for ease of use and is mobile friendly. This results in an enhanced customer experience when they interact with a company from a digital stance as they will inevitably do today. Management and staff also find that intelligent ERP makes their digital platforms easy to use because of its friendly interface.

3. It allows for much more efficient business procedures

Intelligent ERP system is like a foresighted partner in growing your business. It provides you with insights, accurate forecasts, predictions and even recommendations on the progression of your business. An iERP user can therefore easily monitor his business transactions in a way that he is precisely clear about next steps.

4. It enables an upsurge in product quality

It is pretty obvious that intelligent ERP improves both customer and employees’ interactions with the company as much as it does those of management. It transcends this sphere to the quality of products that the company churns out into the public. With iERP, companies who manufacture these products are able to forge better in-house communication thereby creating an atmosphere for making the best. They are also able to quickly detect the necessary improvements and act with regards to them.


In these ways, intelligent ERP seems to put the whole idea of digital transformation together and ensures that every business attains it.

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