Legal representative

Job Location: Riyadh.

Job Typ: Full Time

Job Summary & Requirement:

Education: bachelor’s in law.

Experience Level: 2 To 3 Years.

Major Job Duties Responsibilities:

  • Preparation of specific and systematic standards for the implementation and completion of contracts.
  • Assist in all contract obligations inquiries and reviews.
  • Identify risks and issues and suggest alternatives that lead to the best solution.
  • Review and manage the contractual obligations of the parties and provide continuous review to ensure that all terms and conditions are met.
  • Preparation and dissemination of information on the status of the contract, compliance, amendments, etc.
  • Act as the main contact between the project team, the work unit, and the legal unit, ensuring that all legal and contractual issues are handled efficiently.
  • Responsible for informing the project team of the contract requirements and monitoring compliance.
  • Develop and integrate contract management tools, templates, methods, and processes for participation.
  • Study the offers submitted to the company in terms of its contractual terms and indicate their compliance with the requirements of the establishment from a regulation and legal point of view.
  • Prepare a report on each presentation of the previous study and submit it to the director of the legal department.
  • Preparing contracts before concluding them and sending them to the concerned departments.
  • Phrasing specialized contracts for services, purchases, tenders, or auctions, etc.
  • The attempt to amend the fixed contracts of the company in a manner consistent with the interests of the establishment and third parties.
  • Follow up the approved facility's contracts and study them periodically to ensure that suppliers are prepared to implement their terms in full.
  • Write reports stating that there are any terms or conditions in the establishment that must be implemented to avoid the establishment incurring penal conditions.
  • Review the draft terms and specifications of the tenders in coordination with the financial department, the requesting Department, and the legal adviser, if necessary.
  • Implementation and development of contract procedures and clauses and maintaining the rights of the entity towards them.