Infrastructure as a Services

Will give customers access to computing resources such as servers, storage and networking. Organizations use their own platforms and applications within a service provider’s infrastructure.

SBM IaaS Cloudblue Services

Power Systems -
Infrastructure as a Services

Expertise available for VM management High Availability with PowerHA, Provision of resources e.g. VM management of pool of compute, memory, storage, network infrastructure. Secure access through VPN for provisioned resource such as, PowerVM based LPARs assigned to customers on SBM Cloud resources.

SBM manages IT resources and supports hardware / software up to OS deployment


Supported Operating System

At present IBM AIX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux are available and are ideally suited for Test and development workloads. IBM iOS and Red Hat OpenShift will be announced soon, however for an urgent requirement it can be considered. This will help the customer to deploy their required environment without waiting for longer time and capital budget approvals for server purchase and deployment cycle and other obstacles. Multiple development environments can be deployed when needed and scaled as required. Specially for IBM Power Customers.

SBM provides you with stock OS images to create a power systems virtual system, however you can always bring your own custom OS image that has been tested and deployed.


Backup as a Service

Service that allow Customers to do the backup, Replication and recovery on Cloud. With IBM Backup System Solution


DR as a Service

Cloud computing and backup service model that uses cloud resources to protect applications and data from disruption caused by disaster. Specially for customers need 2nd DR site on Cloud.


Collocation Service

The ability to host and facilitate customer business environments by leasing space, cooling, power secured connectivity to customer while he brings his own H/W from servers and storage.


Bare Metal Systems

SBM CloudBlue also offers bare metal server, which is basically a physical dedicated server providing full access to underline architecture, without any layers of software to give the opportunity to customer to deploy their own operating systems and get maximum performance when processing large amounts of data.

Test Dev

SBM CloudBlue - IBM POWER9 IaaS Packages

Part Number
Specifications Quantity
vCPU 2
Memory in GB 16
Storage in GB 300
Part Number
Specifications Quantity
vCPU 4
Memory in GB 32
Storage in GB 600
Part Number
Specifications Quantity
vCPU 8
Memory in GB 64
Storage in GB 1200

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