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Open Banking Platform Features

Enjoy a complete set of features to accelerate your digital transformation journey

Third Party Provider (TPP) Onboarding

Control TPP onboarding journey by having a customizable registration form, approval workflow and different API subscription plans.

Secure Access in Compliance with PSD2

Put your customer in control of their finances by relying on security standards like OAuth2 and OpenID Connect integrated with our Consent Management module to ensure that only authorized parties will have access to your customer’s data.

Sandbox Environment

Connect TPP applications to your Sandbox environment to explore and test the functionality for your Open Banking APIs.

API Lifecycle Management

Manage access to different versions of your Open Banking APIs and gain insights into TPP usage across each API version.

Use Cases

SBM Open Banking Platform is your gateway to a myriad of opportunities.

Open Banking APIs

SBM Open Banking Platform includes the following APIs

Account and Transactions

Retrieve account and transactional information for your bank customers

Payment Initiation

Initiate domestic and international funds transfer

Confirmation of Funds

Create and manage funds confirmation consents

Event Notification

Allow Third Party Providers to subscribe to events with your bank

Branch Locator

Locate all bank branches throughout Saudi Arabia

ATM Locator

Locate all bank Automatic Teller Machines throughout Saudi Arabia

SBM Open Banking Platform is powered by IBM API Connect. IBM API Connect is a modern, industry-leading API management platform that lets you create, securely expose, manage and monetize your APIs.

API Management Capabilities

IBM API Connect provides a wide range of capabilities

Simplify application development

Quickly create APIs from existing business assets or cloud services through configuration

Manage by API lifecycle

The steps of the API lifecycle include creating, running, managing, and securing APIs

Socialize and Engage

Customize your developer portal with your branding to advertise, market, socialize and sell APIs

Secure and scale

Manage access to APIs by using a combination of API keys and secret keys

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