SAP - Senior Organizational Change Manager


  • Must have 8-10 Years  SAP Project experience in Change Management 
  • Ability to work effectively with all members of the organization ranging from project and team leads to end-user community. 
  • Ability to perform risk analysis.
  • Superior communication skills.  
  • Strong knowledge of ERP business processes. 
  • Timely decision maker.
  • Prior experience in a change management role. 
  • Knowledge of application software tools including presentation, spreadsheet, and word processing applications.


  • Directs and facilitates the planning, leading, organizing and control activities of the System Implementer (SI) that are associated with the stakeholders (the people component) of the project.
  • Monitors the contractual obligation and the quality of the deliverables within the framework of the greater project.  
  • His aim is to meet the business objectives of Client in conjunction with the rest of the project team within the available time and cost parameters.  
  • He is the custodian of the value delivered by the SI for empowering the stakeholders for adopting and using the new solution for the purpose it was implemented.
  • Directs business commitment and effort towards the realization of benefits and the institutionalization (embedding the solution in the organization) of the solution.  
  • Manage to lead the project  to higher adoption levels of the solution which in turn increase Client’s return on investment (ROI).
  • Develop a business impact model. 
  • Develop the change management organization. 
  • Develop change management communication plan. 
  • Conduct the change readiness survey.
  • Develop project newsletter/Mass Communication plans.
  • Develop sponsorship map.
  • Develop coaching plan. 
  • Develop Training Needs Analysis ( TNA).
  • Develop JRM ( Job Role Mapping ). 
  • Understand the Organization Structure and Operating Model.
  • Develop resistance management plan.
  • Identify and develop incentives and reward schemes to motivate employees to move into new roles.